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The Farm

Azienda Paolo D'Angelo

Founded in San Cono (CT) in 1979, is committed from the outset to exploit the local prickly pear and is waiting to finally get the recognition PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for this production.

It was one of the first in Sicily, which was responsible for the development of the fruit and is committed to its dissemination through exhibitions and presentations in different European countries.

Originally, the fruit was marketed with all the plugs. This defect blocked the approach of new consumers and sales remained limited to local consumption.

Azienda Paolo D'Angelo

In recent years, thanks to the purchase of new machinery, they arrived to the total cleaning of thorns and the electronic calibration of the fruit.

The production and packaging are carried out without the use of any type of chemicals and additives.

Today the company, at the forefront with the regulations and requirements of the consumer, is trying to provide more of a service consumer simplicity, having shot down by years the problem 'thorns'.

Now we are committed to give service in 4 range 'fresh', peeled, in trays ready for use, which will bring a revolution in the use of our product.

Azienda Paolo D'Angelo

The company also sells cladodes, 'pale' ready to plant prickly pears in any part of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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